Here are two more reasons to fill out the membership form. First, we'll be sending email announcements to the list of members that are separate from the monthly newsletter. These announcements will mainly be reminders of upcoming events, like this Saturday's game party at the X-Zone. Second, members will get preference when signing up for events, like game parties or workshops.

Remember, anyone can be a member; you only have to submit the form. It's just voting rights and officer positions that are reserved for UMass undergrads.

Hehe, aren't the tone of Ryan's posts fun? At any rate, there is also website that you can use for that anxiety and panic disorders you have been suffering from a 'membership' section available for those that choose to do this, on which you'll find the survey that needs to be filled out to officially become a Hi-Score Member. So start a-fillin'.

A brief word on the elections next meeting. To refresh everyone's memory, anyone can run (just make sure you get us a survey) and it is for a year's commitment, so please don't run if you don't think you can make one. I'm not entirely sure what Dan and Ryan have in mind, things will most likely get ironed out at our next officer meeting, but it's a safe bet that if you're planning on running, it would serve you well to be ready to say a word or two about yourself and why you should be elected to any particular position at the meeting. Also, for the webmaster position, it would be great if you could bring in a sample of your work that we could put up on the projector to help give people who may not know any of you personally and idea of who they want to elect.